A look at Iraqi immigrants in Jordan

In the report  Living in Limbo: Iraqi Young Women and Men in Jordan,  the Women’s Refugee Commission looks at the educational and skills-building needs and opportunities for Iraqi young women and men. This report aims to provide information and recommendations to assist the Government of Jordan, the international community and local agencies in designing and implementing programs and policies that can ease the burden of the Iraqi population on Jordan’s infrastructure and best prepare Iraqis for life after displacement.

This report addressed many of the issues detailed in the World Savvy Monitor edition on Human Migration. According to the report, more than six years after the start of the war in Iraq, it appears that a significant number of Iraqis will remain in Jordan for the foreseeable future. Iraqi young women and men, particularly those who have missed out on years of school, need access to education, skills training and employment opportunities. These skills are critical for those who will resettle to another country and for those who will eventually return to Iraq. Allowing Iraqis to earn a safe livelihood and young people to acquire skills is in the economic and security interest of Jordan, and is essential for the future of Iraq and the region. For more information about these and other issues facing immigrants in their host countries, check out the Monitor article on the impact of immigration on destination countries.

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  1. Thank you for taking a look at our report. We appreciate your help in continuing to bring attention to this matter.

    Kind regards,
    Maribel (Women’s Refugee Commission)

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