Russia and China join to create majority U.N. vote to sanction Iran

Russia and China recently signed on to a resolution of the International Atomic Energy Agency demanding that Iran freeze operations at a once secret uranium enrichment plant. In the past, China has not been on board with sanctioning Iran. Furthermore, since Iran, Russia and China are strong trade partners, this vote will not likely change the relations between these countries. Still, Iran has expressed “serious grievances” with Russia and China for this vote.

For insights into this recent action by China and Russia, check out the November 2008 edition of the World Savvy Monitor, which discussed how both Russia and China’s economic rise intimidates the West because both countries were closed to the West for much of the 20th Century. The Monitor also discusses how Russia’s basic security interests are actually similar to those of the West. At that time, Dmitry Medvedev had proposed the creation of a new series of high-level discussions on the security of Europe, but the US and Europe were unsure if they could take his intentions at face value.

Following the rebuke by the IAEA, Iran announced that it would build 10 more uranium enrichment sites. Iran’s desire for enduring and equal sovereignty is explored in the March 2009 edition of the World Savvy Monitor. Iran’s leaders believe their nation has a right to pursue whatever is necessary to protect it from foreign intervention, including the development of nuclear weapons capacity.  Will Iran continue to assert its sovereignty or begin to find room for compromise to ensure global nuclear security?

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  1. there are some contradictions in policy of russia-i dont think that they are concerned about israel or peace or pretec t themself from terrorism-they are looking for more influence on middle east.

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