Countdown to the Copenhagen Climate Summit – educate your students (and yourself) on the issues

World leaders are gearing up for the Copenhagen Climate Summit to be held December 7 – 18, 2009.  The Summit aims to negotiate a new global climate treaty, since most provisions of the Kyoto Protocol are set to expire in 2012.  The maneuverings for this Summit, however, are already in motion, starting with the G-8 summit this summer where leaders agreed on ambitious targets for greenhouse gas emissions.  Since then, however, leaders at last week’s Asia-Pacific Summit dropped a target to halve greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.  This has put a damper on the upcoming summit, and left organizers scrambling to convince countries to recommit to ambitious targets, though last week President Obama did confirm that he will attend the Copenhagen Summit in person.

Track developments leading up to and during the Copenhagen Summit on the official website.  Also, check out a Q&A from the BBC and a special section from the Guardian.

In addition, read the latest edition of the World Savvy Monitor on global water issues for an overview of some of the issues that will be of concern during the Copenhagen Summit, particularly the nexus between water and climate change.  Find resources for teaching about water issues in the Classroom Companion.

Recommended articles:

Advanced Article: Business Week: Can the Copenhagen Summit be Saved?

Intermediate Article: BBC: APEC leaders drop climate target

Beginner Article: BBC: Copenhagen Must Produce Targets

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