Check out the latest edition of the World Savvy Monitor: Water Around the World

World Savvy is thrilled to announce the 11th edition of the World Savvy Monitor: Water Around the World!

Water is essential to survival, but its access, distribution, uses, and misuses present a very complex picture that overlaps with many other issues confronting the global community today.  As you consume international, national, and local news, notice how many stories are about water, even when water is not ostensibly their subject.  From environmental sustainability to poverty to war to food to business to women to children – these are all, in some way, stories about water.

Check out some recent stories about water in the news:

Sewers at Capacity, Waste Poisons Waterways – New York Times: November 22, 2009
Despite upgrades in the 70s and 80s, many sewer systems are still frequently overwhelmed, according to a New York Times analysis of environmental data. As a result, sewage is spilling into waterways.

Drought Poses Obstacle for Giant Chinese Dam – Wall Street Journal: November 18, 2009
Government delays full-capacity test for Three Gorges Project, renewing questions over its environmental cost.

Thirsty Plant Dries Out Yemen – New York Times: October 31, 2009
Across Yemen, the underground water sources that sustain 24 million people are running out, and some areas could be depleted in just a few years.

In the latest edition of the Monitor, learn about the connections between water and a range of global issues, from public health to international trade, climate change to conflict. Check out the Knowledge to Action section for ways that you can get involved in addressing the global water crisis. Use the Classroom Companion’s leveled readings, resources and lesson ideas to integrate water issues into your curriculum.

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