Water on the moon…and its importance here on Earth

On Friday, NASA announced that their LCROSS satellite discovered water on the moon and scientists hope that this will reveal more secrets about the evolution of the universe. Without water, life would not exist on Earth. However, water is a closed system, meaning that as our population increases, the amount of water on earth remains fixed. Water stress, which occurs the demand for water exceeds the available amount or when poor quality restricts its use,  is a significant global problem facing the 21st century. Some have called water the oil of the 21st century because of its significance to our way of life and potential for conflict. Still others point to the lack of violent conflict over water across history. Still no one seems to be disputing that the management of our earth’s water is and will continue to be a critical issue facing our world.

Global water issues will be discussed in more depth in the upcoming edition of the World Savvy Monitor. Keep your eyes out for this soon-to-be-released issue! The theme for the 2010 World Affairs Challenge is also Water around the World and will be taking place in Minneapolis/St. Paul and San Fransisco.

And now that water has been discovered on the moon…perhaps the significance of water extends not just beyond our borders, but beyond our atmosphere as well! For more insights on the significance of water on the moon, check out Peter Glick’s latest blog entry.

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