Photophilanthropy from Liberia

World Savvy Monitor Editor and journalist, Cate Biggs, and World Savvy Advisor and photophilanthropist, Nancy Farese have set off on an adventure to Liberia to profile innovations in the development field. They will be focusing on new paradigms for aid in post-conflict countries, specifically focusing on women’s empowerment, and linkages between the public and private sector in delivering services along a comprehensive spectrum of needs. Essentially putting faces and stories on the lexicon of current development “best practices,” illustrating what these innovations look like on the ground in this unique country at this critical juncture. Follow their journey at their blog: Below is an excerpt from their first post upon arrival in Liberia:

Land in Monrovia at dusk and in true equatorial fashion, it was fully dark by the time we even got into the building with and past the Welcome to Liberia sign.  Mssionary? UN? NGO?  “How did they know?,” we gaped as if there was any question.  We step outside in the dark to a dirt road and throngs of people, mostly holding signs for other NGOs.  We find our driver and walk down the dirt road to the car.  No lights along the drive to the city – no electricity anywhere, but plenty of pedestrians braving their lives walking down this narrow road where the direction for cars on the two lanes seemed optional.  The road itself was newly paved for the visit of Secretary of State Clinton earlier in the year.

Follow them on Twitter @PhotoPhilan

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